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  1. Virginia Lui is an artist, social designer and researcher. She holds an MA in Social Design and BA in Architecture. Lui’s works pivots between design – mostly for social innovation – public art and theory. She works in site-based performance, text, photography and drawing with the emphasis on artistic research. Much of her work can be categorised as Socially-engaged Art.
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11. Museum of Pacific Arts

The architecture of the museum is conceived in terms of addition and subtraction. Space for art is won by excavation, by taking away material from the solid sandstone plateau. This is done as a gesture of the Europeans occupation into the pacific regions – deconstructed ruins which reveal hidden layers of history and memory. 

Space for circulation is won by addition. It suggests the transformation of the pacific cultures after European occupation  it is a spatial condition that is discovered and revealed. This process is ongoing hence the architecture itself is subject to change and continuation.

Exhibition guide designed in collaboration with Kevin Tran

Design Proposal for Cockatoo Island, Sydney

Virginia Lui

Graphic Design
Kevin Tran