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  1. OBI
  3. Deterrent Designs
  4. Dear Spartacus
  5. War on Cash
  6. Caroline
  7. Would you like to complain?
  8. Social Design Team

Applied Urbanism — 
  1. 1st Urban Playground
  2. Das andere Möbel
  3. Hassling Hasselaar
  4. Still Only Human  
  5. Arbeiterkammer
  6. Metabolism
  8. Eco Label
  9. Museum of Pacific Arts
  10. Models

Reserach —
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Info —
  1. Virginia Lui is an artist, social designer and researcher based in Vienna. She holds an MA in Social Design and BA in Architecture. Lui’s works pivots between design - mostly for social innovation- public art and theory. She works in site -based performance, text, photography and drawing with the emphasis on artistic research. Much of her work can be categorized as Socially-engaged Art.
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9. Eco Label

Eco - Label is a methodology on data visualisation used for raising awareness on sustainability. Eco - Label proliferates at different scales from XS to XL. At XS they are represented in the form of a sticker that is stuck on electrical appliances to indicate the amount of energy consumed.